Graffiti removal

Boiling hot water technique

Graffiti is cleaned using the boiling hot water technique under appropriate pressure, whereby in many cases it is possible to clean a wall without detergents. This saves significant costs and is less damaging to the environment.

Our corporate film about graffiti removal:

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Soft blasting

Pollution can be removed under very low pressure by making use of the micro-mist-jet system (soft blasting). This allows CAS Nederland to ensure that the damage to the surface is kept to a minimum. The abrasive agent is selected on the basis of the surface to be cleaned. Small, variable amounts of water and air pressure are combined to form a fine mist for the binding of the abrasives. There are no harsh side effects. The practically dry residue can be disposed of as waste. Energy consumption is low.

In urgent situations we can be on the spot, anywhere in the Netherlands to solve the problem within 30 hours of notification, at a pre-agreed rate. Such a situation can include, for example, racist or other offensive slogans.
To solve your graffiti problem in its entirety, we also offer the possibility of a maintenance contract.

Before and after: