Anti-Graffiti Coating – AG 6010

Our coatings protect surfaces against unsightly graffiti. Traffic control boxes, public lighting, electrical cabinets, shopping centres, gas stations, walls, roads, bridges and overpasses … CAS Nederland keeps them clean. CAS Nederland works with various systems when providing protection and maintenance services. We are not tied to a specific product.

Permanent Anti-Graffiti Systems


These permanent systems (AG 6010) are coatings that are applied to a surface for a longer period of time. When graffiti is sprayed on, it can be removed with graffiti cleaners without damaging the surface or the coating. CAS Nederland provides a transparent coating but the coatings are available in every conceivable colour. Another option: we first treat the surface with a ‘vapour permeable coating ‘ in any RAL colour desired and then add the AG 6010 system.

The coating provides effective protection against all forms of graffiti and can be applied on cement, brick, stone, wood, polyester, metal and previously painted surfaces. By applying two or three layers of AG 6010 to the surface, graffiti can be easily removed with soap and water. There is no other system that is so easy to clean.

The coating is permanent; it can be cleaned time after time without damaging the coating.


  • High hydrophobic capacity
  • Water vapour permeable
  • Lasting quality of the surface (prevents contamination by traffic emissions and the build-up of moss, lichen and algae)
  • Protects the surface while still allowing it to breathe so that discolouration is avoided
  • Almost invisible and can be applied to any surface
  • UV-resistant
  • Permanent protection against graffiti
  • Cannot be painted over, except with the coating itself
  • Easy to apply
  • Available in matte and gloss
  • An additional advantage: the coating ensures that labels and stickers do not adhere well to the treated surface

Sacrificial Anti-Graffiti Systems


CAS Nederland, in collaboration with artist Wladimir Manshanden, commissioned by the municipality of Eindhoven, treated these retaining walls with the permanent Anti-Graffiti Coating AG 6010. The surfaces are thus protected against graffiti.

The removal of the coating is possible during the removal of graffiti with hot water (approx. 70°C) and appropriate pressure. After the cleaning a new layer of the coating needs to be applied. It is therefore possible to remove practically any kind of graffiti; the graffiti does not need to be dissolved, but rather the protective layer.

These sacrificial systems ensure that graffiti can be removed quickly, easily and inexpensively, without damaging the underlying surface.

Our coating is vapour permeable.

Semi-permanent Anti-Graffiti systems

Semi-permanent systems consist of combinations of a base layer which remains unchanged when removing the graffiti and a sacrificial top layer. These are also known as “multi-layer systems”. There are, however, also semi-permanent single-layer systems which are only dissolved and removed in part during the removal of graffiti. Virtually all types of graffiti can be removed with these systems too. In both cases, as with the self-sacrificing systems, a new top layer must be applied.

Which system?


When choosing a specific coating, the distinctive aspects of the following systems and their interrelationships are important. We look at such things as:

  • type of graffiti, frequency and magnitude
  • type of surface
  • properties of the protective systems
  • removal of graffiti from protected surface
  • environmental and health and safety aspects

Maintenance Contract

The graffiti problem is not solved simply by treating the surface. The rapid removal of graffiti is essential: it discourages graffiti artists. By means of a maintenance contract we can take a lot of work out of your hands. We log the protective system used per project in our computerised administration system. This avoids improper cleaning, which can cause unnecessary damage to the coating and the surface.