Our story

Our coating products protect surfaces against illegal flyposting and graffiti. Traffic control boxes, public lighting, electrical cabinets, shopping centres, petrol stations, walls, roads, bridges and overpasses … CAS Nederland keeps them clean.

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Keeping the streetscape neat and tidy


We have been serving most of our clients for many years. That our work really makes a difference is increasingly evident, even beyond our borders. A moment that I look back on with great pleasure is our project in Copenhagen. Almost all of the switch boxes in the Danish capital have been treated by us. When you drive through the city, you are repeatedly surprised by its cleanliness; a relatively uncommon pearl in Europe. It is nice to know that we were able to contribute to the preservation of that beautiful streetscape.

The solution to graffiti, flyposters and stickers

Illegal flyposting and graffiti are forbidden for a reason. They mar the landscape. Our company is put to work all over the Netherlands to remove flyposters and graffiti, but our specialty lies mainly in the area of prevention. Thanks to our innovative coatings they can continue to spray and paste, but without results. The surface remains as it should: neat and tidy. There is a reason that the services of CAS Nederland are prescribed in more and more specifications and manuals of municipalities, provinces, Department of Waterways and Public Works, energy companies, large retailers and contractors. Our approach works.

For nearly 25 years CAS Nederland has protected, preserved and maintained surfaces with our innovative, environmentally-friendly coatings. But we do more. We have a great deal of experience in treatment with hydrophobic and impregnation agents and opaque coating systems. We also help organisations with paintwork in the broadest sense of the word.

CAS Nederland is part of Manders Totaal located in Helmond, a painting and property maintenance company with over ten thousand satisfied customers. Our prices are sharp and honest, our performance quick and competent. Workmanship by people who are only satisfied when you are.

Keep your city clean, together with CAS Nederland.

Frido Kanters, general manager of CAS Nederland