Our expertise

Coatings to discourage graffiti and illegal flyposting

Many traffic control boxes and other surfaces are covered with illegal flyposters. Graffiti is also a common problem. We have the solution!

Preservation of concrete

CAS Nederland offers protection for concrete. Preservation can prevent concrete damage due to cracking, erosion and leakage.

Wall cleaning

CAS Nederland is able to clean any surface by any possible method: high-pressure cleaning, steam cleaning, sand blasting with various systems and cleaning by rinsing.

Hydrophobic treatment / Impregnation

Hydrophobic treatment is the protection of porous surfaces from moisture penetration, so that adhesion of dirt, algae and moss growth is reduced.

CAS Nederland removes graffiti on various surfaces for our large retailers. They are prescribed in our manual, so all the shops know that they must notify CAS Nederland. They ensure that the graffiti is removed quickly. Offensive texts are removed within 30 hours!

In 2011, CAS Nederland treated the bicycle and pedestrian bridge Overhoeks, over the Buiksloter canal along the IJ river, with the permanent Anti-Graffiti coating AG 6010 on behalf of the municipality of Amsterdam. The bridge was frequently defaced with graffiti. We, the municipal cleaning service, really feel care-free. The maintenance is manageable.